• Louise Wiles Coaching

    “Louise and I recently worked together. She helped me clarify my plans and visions for 2020 and beyond. This has brought me so much clarity and so many insights and has motivated me to start with the first few steps. Louise is a warm, friendly and ultra effective coach and mentor”

    French Language Director, Department of French, University of Bristol

  • Louise Wiles Coaching

    “The webinar helped me to highlight the value of using my strengths to energise me, to purposely use them as a way to facilitate whatever I am doing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I really enjoyed it”

How is 2021 Shaping Up For You?

2020 created all kinds of professional and personal challenge and change for many of us. We all reacted differently and experienced our own highs and lows.

If you found that 2020 was more a year of adjustment to change than purposeful creation, then know you are not alone. 

It was tough.

Perhaps you started 2021 with good intentions but are now feeling stuck, your energy drained as you grapple with the continual cycle of home-working, home schooling (as a Mum of teens I get that!) or in person work demands. 

Don't let 2021 be another sticky year!

Let me help you rediscover your mojo and create positive change in your professional and/or personal life THIS year. 

Register above for the Webinar and if inspired, join me for my Five Day Challenge