THRIVING ABROAD: The definitive guide to professional and personal relocation success

Provides a framework together with insight and advice from those who've been there 


employees and their families to make the most of the opportunity and create positive professional and personal outcomes

which in turn

ensures the organisation maximises its return on investment


HR and Global Mobility Professionals

If you support a large assignment population why not consider making a bulk purchase? 

The book has been written for employees who:

  • are contemplating an international assignment.
  • are preparing for an international move.
  • have recently relocated and are settling in.
  • are wondering about what next and beginning to consider their next move.
  • support international assignees either in the global mobility or HR/talent management functions and would benefit from understanding the assignment process and experience.

We can offer

  • excellent discounts for bulk orders.
  • a customisation service - co-branding, a corporate introduction and content in the appendices.
  • the associated workbook edited to reflect your corporate brand and key messages.


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  • Louise Wiles

    “'This book is an important new resource in the toolbox of HR. As we give staff the opportunity of new career paths, new skills and at the same time allow spouses and dependents to fill their own roles within the process "information is power" and this book includes powerful information'”

    Welfare Officer, CfBT Education Services, Brunei

  • Louise Wiles

    “It is a great read and is receiving rave reviews from the industry! Thriving Abroad is packed with useful advice and real-life stories from expats about their experiences during the relocation process... it could provide a great level of support for your expats of the future”

    VP of Technology at Equus

  • Louise Wiles

    “I love it! I could stop there, but as book reviews go, that is not very helpful. I will give you some context of why this book is perfect for anyone thinking of taking an international assignment, or anyone who employs staff working internationally, or anyone involved in global mobility provision, either in house or supplier side.”

    Kairos Modern Learning

  • Louise Wiles

    “This is a comprehensive reference tool for any family wanting to learn about international relocation - it covers all of the important areas needing to be considering when making such a life-changing decision, and encourages readers to become empowered but the up's and down's that moving abroad can bring, all written in a friendly and approachable tone that offers personal anecdotes in addition to case study. I am adding this book to my personal 'reference' library and highly recommend for families and service providers alike”

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Don't just buy the book USE it to help you decide, plan and prepare for your international move and career development.

The FREE accompanying workbook has been written to help you do just that

Questions and helpful 'thinking points' accompany each chapter


Download the THRIVING ABROAD Workbook HERE

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