Empty Nesters - It's Your Time to Soar

Supporting You Through the Changing Seasons of Family Life

As a parent you have always known the time will come when your precious ones leave the nest.

After all, your aim has been to create happy and independent adults.

Their leaving brings mixed emotions.

And for the whole family it is a time of transition.

Read on to discover how I can support you to THRIVE through the seasons of this transition. 

All change leads to periods of transition with seasonal flavours unique to us all.

Which season resonates most with you?

AUTUMN: Preparing for Change

You are about to experience the empty nest phenomenon for the first time, or perhaps this is your last child to leave, giving a whole new dimension to the concept of empty nesting. Either way, you have mixed emotions and many questions about how best to cope and support.

WINTER: Your Young Adult Has Left

Your young adult has left and you’re surveying the empty spaces and the unbroken silence. While you’re happy and hopeful for the next stage of their life you’re also wondering what comes next for you. At times it feels cold and bare, time to hunker down and hibernate for a while or look for the new shoots of spring?

SPRING: Finding New Shoots

You’ve weathered the leaving and now, knowing your child is settled and enjoying their newfound independence, it is time to turn your attention to you. You are considering what comes next, what buds and small shoots do you want to see? It feels like it's time to rediscover and maybe even reinvent.

SUMMER: Consolidation and time to bloom.

It has been a while since your young adult left home. You gave yourself time and space to adjust and now you are cherishing the inner knowing of a job well done. But summer will soon fade and you know it is time to solidify your ideas for the next stage of your life. It's time for new ideas and beginnings to bloom. 

Breezing through or buffeted by the winds of change?

We all experience change and the period of transition that follows, differently.

The seasons are never certain or discrete, autumn can feature elements of winter, winter elements of spring. 

With time, new shoots and blooms emerge and we grow into the new shapes and patterns that represent our next life stage.

What questions are the seasons prompting you to ask?

Maybe you are asking?

  • How do I best support my young adult as they prepare to leave home?
  • How do I support my young adult as they settle into their new world without being overbearing and intrusive?
  • What kind of parent should I be now my young adult has flown the nest?
  • How do I help other family members adjust?
  • How can I stop worrying about my young adult?
  • I feel excited about my new found freedom, not sad at all - is that OK?
  • I know I want to make some changes to my life but just don't know what or how to get started?
  • How do I build a great relationship with my young adult?
  • What comes next for my partner and I?
  • Why does the career that meant so much now seem empty and bereft of purpose?


Hello and welcome! 

I'm Louise and I am excited that you are here.

As a Mum of two now adult daughters, I want you to know that I understand how this stage of life can feel. 

I also know that just like the seasons, life always moves on and we do adjust to new circumstances and situations. 

The family life you once enjoyed, and maybe now miss, will be replaced by new ways of being as a family.

Part of the joy of this stage will be the evolution of your family life - different but very much still your family. 

Wherever you are right now, perhaps tentative and concerned about the change that is looming, sad for what has changed, grateful for new beginnings, excited for new freedoms, or questioning what is next for you. 

You are in the right place.

There are no rights and wrongs in times of transition. 

I look forward to supporting you in some way as you discover what the next stage of life holds for you.  

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  • Louise Wiles Coaching and Successful Student Transitions

    “Louise and I recently worked together. She helped me to clarify my plans and vision for the year and beyond. This has bought me so much clarity and so many insights and has motivated me to start with the first few steps. Louise is a warm, friendly and ultra-effective coach and mentor”

    French Language Director, Bristol University

  • Louise Wiles Coaching and Successful Student Transitions

    “I was impressed by the empathy of my coach independently of our different national origins. And her ability to track between emotional, rational and experiential themes and make a potent question to me that made an inner link either during the session or afterwards.”

  • Louise Wiles Coaching and Successful Student Transitions

    “Don't hesitate - THRIVE helped me to appreciate the possibility that there could be more for the future and what's more - I could create the future with the skills and experience I already possessed”

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