Six Ways to Create Impactful Assignment Support

Prepare assignees for the challenges and opportunities ahead 


Ensure assignees are fully engaged in the international business or career opportunity

Empower your assignees to function effectively in the new environment and culture


Do you experience the following?



  • Difficulty in resourcing and recruiting the best talent

  • Dual career issues causing employees to decline international roles

  • Unrealistic expectations from expats about the experience and support you can provide

  • Assignments that fail to deliver from a performance or career development perspective

  • Assignments that end early or fail due to adjustment challenges

  • Challenges at repatriation and poor longer term retention rates

Effectively support the international employee experience


Maximise assignment outcomes

    Supporting the relocation journey

Going Global

It all starts with the plan for Going Global. Lay the foundations for successful assignments and build an enthusiastic, skilled candidate pool that is ready to Go Global

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The Decision

Support your employees to make an informed relocation decision based on their personal, and professional needs, aspirations and role objectives and expectations

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Ensure your assignees and families are well prepared for as smooth a transition as possible. Build appropriate cultural and adjustment knowledge and skills and set realistic expectations

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Thriving Abroad

Arrival marks the beginning of the transition and adjustment phase of relocation. Support  your employees and their families to settle and then build thriving professional and personal lives abroad

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Future Forward

What happens next? Help your employees to be proactive in identifying and planning their next career move.

Will it be another location and role abroad or repatriation? 

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  • “I was impressed by the empathy of my coach independently of our different national origins. And her ability to track between emotional, rational and experiential themes and make a potent question tome that made an inner link either during the session or afterwards.”

  • “Don't hesitate - THRIVE helped me to appreciate the possibility that there could be more for the future and what's more - I could create the future with the skills and experience I already possessed”