Are you experiencing the following?


Difficulty in attracting, recruiting and retaining the best international talent

Seemingly fantastic opportunities being rejected by dual career couples

Unrealistic expectations causing disappointment and frustration

Assignments that fail to deliver from a performance or career development perspective

Challenges at repatriation and with post assignment retention rates


Uncertainty about whether an international career is for you and your family

A sense of personal or professional struggle as you adjust to your new life abroad

Feeling 'lost abroad' and an absence of clarity in terms of purpose and direction

Overwhelm, causing a dip in your general wellbeing and work performance

Confusion about what next - going home or moving on again?

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  • Louise Wiles

    “I was impressed by the empathy of my coach independently of our different national origins. And her ability to track between emotional, rational and experiential themes and make a potent question tome that made an inner link either during the session or afterwards.”

  • Louise Wiles

    “Don't hesitate - THRIVE helped me to appreciate the possibility that there could be more for the future and what's more - I could create the future with the skills and experience I already possessed”

  • Louise Wiles

    “Louise and I recently worked together. She helped me to clarify my plans and vision for 2020 and beyond. This has bought me so much clarity and so many insights and has motivated me to start with the first few steps. Louise is a warm, friendly and ultra-effective coach and mentor”

    French Language Director, Bristol University